Caring for Our Children (CFOC)

Chapter 9: Administration

9.4 Records

9.4.2 Child Records Contents of Facility Health Log for Each Child

The file for each child should include a facility health log maintained on an ongoing basis by designated staff. The facility health log should include:

  1. Staff and parent/guardian observations of the child’s health status, behavior, and physical condition;
  2. Response to any treatment provided while the child is in child care, and any observable side effects;
  3. Notations of health-related referrals and follow-up action;
  4. Notations of health-related communications with parents/guardians or the child’s primary care provider;
  5. Staff observations of changes in and assessments of the child’s learning and social activity;
  6. Documentation of planned communication with parents/guardians and a list of participants involved;
  7. Documentation of parent/guardian participation in health education.
A facility health log maintained by caregivers/teachers can document staff’s observations and concerns that may lead to intervention decisions.
The facility health log is a confidential, chronologically-oriented location for the recording of staff observations, patterns of illness, and parent/guardian concerns. It can be followed and can become guidelines for intervention, if needed.

Facility observation logs provide useful information over time on each child’s unique characteristics. Parents/guardians and caregivers/teachers can use these logs in planning for the child’s needs. On occasion, the child’s primary care provider can use them as an aid in diagnosing health conditions.

“Hands-on” opportunities for parents/guardians to work with their own child or others in the company of caregivers/teachers should be encouraged and documented.

Staff notations on communication with parents/guardians can be in a parent/guardian log separate from the child’s health record.

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