Caring for Our Children (CFOC)

Chapter 9: Administration

9.4 Records

9.4.1 Facility Records/Reports Written Plan/Record to Resolve Deficiencies

When deficiencies are identified during annual policy and performance reviews by the licensing department, funding agency, or accreditation organization, the director or small or large family child care home caregiver/teacher should follow a written plan for resolution, developed with the regulatory agency.

This plan should include the following:

  1. Description of the problem;
  2. Proposed timeline for resolution;
  3. Designation of responsibility for correcting the deficiency;
  4. Description of the successful resolution of the problem.
A written plan or contract for change may be required and is more likely to achieve the desired change (1).
Simple problems amenable to immediate correction do not require extensive documentation. For these, a simple notation of the problem and that the problem was immediately corrected will suffice. However, a notation of the problem is necessary so that recurring problems of the same type can be addressed by a more lasting solution.
Center, Early Head Start, Head Start, Large Family Child Care Home, Small Family Child Care Home
  1. National Association for Regulatory Administration (NARA). 2000. The NARA licensing curriculum. Lexington, KY: NARA.