Caring for Our Children (CFOC)

Chapter 9: Administration

9.2 Policies

9.2.4 Emergency/Security Policies and Plans Use of Daily Roster During Evacuation Drills

The center director or his/her designees should use the daily class roster(s) in checking the evacuation and return to a safe space for ongoing care of all children and staff members in attendance during an evacuation drill. In centers caring for more than thirty children enrolled, the center director should assign one caregiver per classroom, the responsibility of bringing the class roster on evacuation drills and accounting for every child and classroom staff at the onset of the evacuation, at the evacuation site and upon return to a safe place. The center director or designee should account for all non-classroom staff, volunteers, and visitors during the evacuation drill process using the program’s sign-in/sign-out system.

Small and large family home child caregivers/teachers should count or use a daily roster to be sure that all children and staff are safely evacuated and returned to a safe space for ongoing care during an evacuation drill.

There must be a plan to account for all the children and adults in a facility at the time of an evacuation. Assigning responsibility to use a roster(s) in a center, or count the children and adults in a large or small family child care home, ensures that all children and adults are accounted for. Practice accounting for children and adults during evacuation drills makes it easier to do in an emergency situation.
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