Caring for Our Children (CFOC)

Chapter 9: Administration

9.2 Policies

9.2.3 Health Policies Information Sharing on Therapies and Treatments Needed

The person at the child care facility who is responsible for planning care for the child with special therapies or treatments should obtain an individualized care plan, developed by the child’s primary care provider or specialist on allergies, medications, therapies, and treatments being provided to the child that are directly relevant to the health and safety of the child in the child care facility. The written consent of the child’s parents/guardians and, where appropriate, the child’s primary care provider should be obtained before this confidential information is sought from outside sources. Therapies and treatments need to meet the criteria for evidenced based practices.
The facility must have accurate, current information regarding the health status and treatment of the child so it will be able to determine the facility’s capability to provide needed services or to obtain them elsewhere.

Medicines can be crucial to the health and wellness of children. They can also be very dangerous if the wrong type or wrong amount is given to the wrong person or at the wrong time.

Parents/guardians should always be notified in every instance when medication is used. Telephone instructions from a primary care provider are acceptable if the caregiver/teacher fully documents them and if the parent/guardian initiates the request for primary care provider or child care health consultant instruction. In the event medication for a child becomes necessary during the day or in the event of an emergency, administration instructions from a parent/guardian and the child’s primary care provider are required before a caregiver/teacher may administer medication.

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