Caring for Our Children (CFOC)

Chapter 8: Children with Special Health Care Needs and Disabilities

8.6 Periodic Reevaluation

8.6.0 Reevaluation Process

The facility care coordinator should ensure that formal reevaluations of the child’s functioning and health care needs in the child care setting and the family’s needs are conducted at least yearly, or as often as is necessary to deal with changes in the child’s or family’s circumstances. Medical care plans should be reviewed and revised if needed whenever there is a significant health event such as a hospitalization, or at least annually. This reevaluation should include the parents/guardians and caregiver/teacher. Such conferences and lists of participants should be documented in the child’s health record at the facility.
The changing needs of children with disabilities and children with special health care needs do not follow a predictable course. A periodic, thorough process of reevaluation is essential to identify appropriate goals and services for the child. The child’s primary care provider or medical home and the program’s child care health consultant should be involved in the development and reevaluation of the plan. A child’s health is such an integral part of his or her availability to learn and to retain learned information that health- and development-related information is critical for a complete review/reevaluation process to occur.
Though regular intervention services are recommended for review at three-month intervals, ad hoc reevaluations may be necessitated by changes in circumstances.
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