Caring for Our Children (CFOC)

Chapter 5: Facilities, Supplies, Equipment, and Environmental Health

5.7 Maintenance

5.7.0 Structure Maintenance

The structure should be kept in good repair and safe condition.

Each window, exterior door, and basement or cellar hatchway should be kept in sound condition and in good repair.

Older preschool-age and younger school-age children readily engage in play and explore their environments. The physical structure where children spend each day can present caregivers/teachers with special safety concerns if the structure is not kept in good repair and maintained in a safe condition. For example, peeling paint in an older building may be ingested, floor surfaces in disrepair could cause falls and other injury, and broken glass windows could cause severe cuts or other glass injury (1).

Children’s environments must be protected from exposure to moisture, dust, and excessive temperatures.

Center, Early Head Start, Head Start, Large Family Child Care Home, Small Family Child Care Home
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