Caring for Our Children (CFOC)

Chapter 5: Facilities, Supplies, Equipment, and Environmental Health

5.4 Space and Equipment in Designated Areas

5.4.1 Toilet and Handwashing Areas Cleaning and Disinfecting Toileting Equipment

Utility gloves and equipment designated for cleaning and disinfecting toilet learning/training equipment and flush toilets should be used for each cleaning and should not be used for other cleaning purposes. Utility gloves should be washed with soapy water and dried after each use.
Contamination of hands and equipment in a child care room has played a role in the transmission of disease (1,2).
Center, Early Head Start, Head Start, Large Family Child Care Home, Small Family Child Care Home
Appendix D: Gloving
Appendix K: Routine Schedule for Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting
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