Caring for Our Children (CFOC)

Chapter 5: Facilities, Supplies, Equipment, and Environmental Health

5.3 General Furnishings and Equipment

5.3.1 General Furnishings and Equipment Requirements Carriage, Stroller, Gate, Enclosure, and Play Yard Requirements

Each carriage, stroller, gate, enclosure, and play yard used should meet the corresponding ASTM International standard and should be so labeled on the equipment.

  1. Carriages/strollers: ASTM F833-10 Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Carriages and Strollers;
  2. Gates/enclosures: ASTM F1004-10 Consumer Safety Specification for Expansion Gates and Expandable Enclosures;
  3. Play yards: ASTM F406-10 Consumer Safety Specification for Non-Full-Size Baby Cribs/Play Yards.
The presence of a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification seal on products that are made for children ensures that the product is in compliance with the requirements of the current safety standard for that product at the time of manufacture.
ASTM also maintains a website at with the latest standards on high chair specifications. For more information, contact the JPMA or the ASTM.
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