Caring for Our Childen (CFOC)

Chapter 5: Facilities, Supplies, Equipment, and Environmental Health

5.2 Quality of the Outdoor and Indoor Environment

5.2.6 Water Supply and Plumbing Water Supply

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Every facility should be supplied with piped running water under pressure, from a source approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and/or the regulatory health authority, to provide an adequate water supply to every fixture connected to the water supply and drainage system. The water should be sufficient in quantity and pressure to supply water for cooking, cleaning, drinking, toilets, and outside uses.

Water supplied by a well or other private source should meet all applicable health and safety federal, state, and local public health standards and should be approved by the local regulatory health authority. Well water should be tested annually for pH (acidity levels to determine whether the water is corrosive) and for bacteria, parasites, viruses, and chemical content (including, but not limited to arsenic, radon, MtBE, lead, nitrates, or other run-off chemicals) or according to local regulatory health authority (1,2). Any facility not served by a public water supply should keep on file documentation of approval, from the local regulatory health authority, of the water supply.

A water supply that is safe and does not spread disease or filth or contain harmful substances is essential to health (3).
For more information on water supply standards, contact the local health authority or the EPA.
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Content in the STANDARD was modified on 05/17/2016.