Caring for Our Children (CFOC)

Chapter 5: Facilities, Supplies, Equipment, and Environmental Health

5.1 Overall Requirements

5.1.1 General Location, Layout and Construction of the Facility Multiple Use of Rooms

Playing, eating, and napping may occur in the same area (exclusive of diaper changing areas, toilet rooms, kitchens, hallways, and closets), provided that:

  1. The room is of sufficient size to have a defined area for each of the activities allowed there at the time the activity is under way;
  2. The room meets other building requirements;
  3. Programming is such that use of the room for one purpose does not interfere with use of the room for other purposes.
Except for toilet and diaper changing areas, which must have no other use, the use of common space for different activities for children facilitates close supervision of a group of children, some of whom may be involved simultaneously in more than one of the activities listed in the standard (1).
Compliance is measured by direct observation.
Center, Early Head Start, Head Start, Large Family Child Care Home, Small Family Child Care Home
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