Caring for Our Children (CFOC)

Chapter 4: Nutrition and Food Service

4.8 Kitchen and Equipment

4.8.0 Handwashing Sink Separate from Food Zones

Centers should provide a separate handwashing sink in the food preparation area of the facility. It should have an eight-inch-high splash guard or have eighteen inches of space between the handwashing sink and any open food zones (such as preparation tables and food sink).

Where continuous warm water pressure is not available, handwashing sinks should have at least thirty seconds of continuous flow of warm water to initiate and complete handwashing.

Separation of sinks used for handwashing or other potentially contaminating activities from those used for food preparation prevents contamination of food.

Proper handwashing requires a continuous flow of water, no less than 100°F and no more than 120°F, for at least thirty seconds to allow sufficient time for wetting and rinsing the hands (1).

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