Caring for Our Children (CFOC)

Chapter 2: Program Activities for Healthy Development

2.4 Health Education

2.4.3 Health Education for Parents/Guardians Opportunities for Communication and Modeling of Health and Safety Education for Parents/Guardians

Parents/guardians should be given opportunities to observe staff members modeling healthy and safe behavior and facilitating child development, both indoors and outdoors. Parents/guardians should also have opportunities to ask questions and to describe how effective the modeling has been. For parents/guardians who may not have the opportunity to visit their child or observe during the day, there should be alternate forms of communication between the staff and the parents/guardians. This can be handouts, written journals that would go between facility and home, newsletters, electronic communication, or events.
Modeling and communication about healthy and safe behaviors that promote positive development can be an effective educational tool (1,2).
Center, Early Head Start, Head Start, Large Family Child Care Home, Small Family Child Care Home
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