Caring for Our Children (CFOC)

Chapter 10: Licensing and Community Action

10.4 Facility Licensing

10.4.3 Procedures for Complaints, Reporting, and Data Collecting Procedure for Receiving Complaints

Each licensing agency should have a procedure for receiving complaints regarding violation of the regulations. Such complaints should be recorded, investigated, and appropriate action, if indicated, should be taken.
The telephone number, email address, or other contact method for filing complaints should be listed on material about licensing that is given to parents/guardians by the state licensing agency and the resource and referral agency. At a minimum, the licensing agency has responsibility for consumer protection. Complaints serve as an early warning before more serious adverse events occur. A fair and equitable process for handling complaints is essential to protect both the person complaining and the target of the complaint from harassment. In most cases complaint investigation should include an unannounced inspection.