Caring for Our Children (CFOC)

Chapter 10: Licensing and Community Action

10.3 Licensing Agency

10.3.4 Technical Assistance from the Licensing Agency Technical Assistance to Facilities to Address Diversity in the Community

Technical assistance and incentives should be provided by state, municipal, public, and private agencies to encourage facilities to address within their programs, the cultural and socioeconomic diversity in the broader community, not just in the neighborhood where the child care facility is located.
 Children who are exposed to cultural and socioeconomic diversity in early childhood are more likely to value and accept differences between their own backgrounds and those of others as they move through life (1,2). This attitude results in improved self-esteem and mental health in children from all backgrounds. Facilities may be able to attract participants from different income and cultural groups by paying attention to the location of the facility and available subsidies for low income families.
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