Caring for Our Children (CFOC)

Chapter 1: Staffing

1.7 Staff Health

1.7.0 On-Site Occupational Hazards

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Early care and education programs should have written policies and procedures that inform staff about the major occupational health hazards, how to limit exposures, and how to minimize adverse effects if exposed. Staff may be exposed to the following categories of hazards, listed in Appendix B: Major Occupational Health Hazards:

  • Infectious diseases
  • Environmental factors (e.g., noise, odors, toxins)
  • Risk for injury
  • Risk for stress (e.g., children’s challenging behaviors, inadequate benefits)

Pregnant staff may be considered at higher risk for some exposures.1 Up-to-date information about occupational hazards in early care and education programs should be available to all staff.


Early care and education staff members need to learn about and practice ways to minimize risk of illness and injury and promote wellness for themselves.2 Staff members who are of childbearing age or pregnant should be encouraged to discuss with their primary health care provider the potential exposure to occupational risks that could harm their unborn child.1

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Appendix B: Major Occupational Health Hazards
Appendix D: Gloving
Appendix L: Cleaning Up Body Fluids
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Content in the standard was modified on 02/04/2022.