Caring for Our Children (CFOC)

Chapter 1: Staffing

1.6 Consultants

1.6.0 Specialized Consultation for Facilities Serving Children with Disabilities

When children at the facility include those with special health care needs, developmental delay or disabilities, and mental health or behavior problems, the staff or documented consultants should involve any of the following consultants in the child’s care, with prior informed, written parental consent and as appropriate to each child’s needs:

  1. A registered nurse, nurse practitioner with pediatric experience, or child care health consultant;
  2. A physician with pediatric experience, especially those with developmental-behavioral training;
  3. A registered dietitian;
  4. A psychologist;
  5. A psychiatrist;
  6. A physical therapist;
  7. An adaptive equipment technician;
  8. An occupational therapist;
  9. A speech pathologist;
  10. An audiologist for hearing screenings conducted on-site at child care;
  11. A vision screener;
  12. A respiratory therapist;
  13. A social worker;
  14. A parent/guardian of a child with special health care needs;
  15. Part C representative/service coordinator;
  16. A mental health consultant;
  17. Special learning consultant/teacher (e.g., teacher specializing in work with visually impaired child or sign language interpreters);
  18. A teacher with special education expertise;
  19. The caregiver/teacher;
  20. Individuals identified by the parent/guardian;
  21. Certified child passenger safety technician with training in safe transportation of children with special needs.
The range of professionals needed may vary with the facility, but the listed professionals should be available as consultants when needed. These professionals need not be on staff at the facility, but may simply be available when needed through a variety of arrangements, including contracts, agreements, and affiliations. The parent’s participation and written consent in the native language of the parent, including Braille/sign language, is required to include outside consultants (1).
Center, Early Head Start, Head Start, Large Family Child Care Home, Small Family Child Care Home
  1. Cohen, A. J. 2002. Liability exposure and child care health consultation.