SS3 Double-sided Printing Instructions

Double-sided Print

If you want to print a small size (5 ½ x 8 ½) on both side of paper (double sided):

  1. Open the file on your computer
  2. In file menu, select print
  3. In print dialogue box (Figure 1) under Page Sizing & Handling click on ‘multiple’
  4. Set Pages per sheet to 2
  5. Click on ‘properties’ near the printer selection window
  6. Select ‘finishing’ tab
  7. Select ‘Print On Both Sides’ (Figure 2)
  8. Click on ‘flip pages up’
  9. Click on Print button at bottom right

Figure 2
Stepping Stones 3 Print Instructions

NOTE: Do NOT select “Print on both sides of paper’ in the PDF print window. The back side of paper will print upside down.