Caring for Our Childen (CFOC)

Chapter 1: Staffing

1.4 Professional Development/Training

1.4.3 First Aid and CPR Training CPR Training for Swimming and Water Play

Facilities that have a swimming pool should require at least one staff member with current documentation of successful completion of training in infant and child (pediatric) CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) be on duty at all times during business hours.

At least one of the caregivers/teachers, volunteers, or other adults who is counted in the child:staff ratio for swimming and water play should have documentation of successful completion of training in basic water safety, proper use of swimming pool rescue equipment, and infant and child CPR according to the criteria of the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association (AHA).

For small family child care homes, the person trained in water safety and CPR should be the caregiver/teacher. Written verification of successful completion of CPR and lifesaving training, water safety instructions, and emergency procedures should be kept on file.

Drowning involves cessation of breathing and rarely requires cardiac resuscitation of victims. Nevertheless, because of the increased risk for cardiopulmonary arrest related to wading and swimming, the facility should have personnel trained to provide CPR and to deal promptly with a life-threatening drowning emergency. During drowning, cold exposure provides the possibility of protection of the brain from irreversible damage associated with respiratory and cardiac arrest. Children drown in as little as two inches of water. The difference between a life and death situation is the submersion time. Thirty seconds can make a difference. The timely administration of resuscitation efforts by a caregiver/teacher trained in water safety and CPR is critical. Studies have shown that prompt rescue and the presence of a trained resuscitator at the site can save about 30% of the victims without significant neurological consequences (1).
Center, Large Family Child Care Home
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